Case Study Real Red Raspberries

Repositioning “Processed Raspberries” as “Real Red Raspberries” Through Integrated Marketing Using Nutrition Professionals as a Funnel to Purchasing Decision Makers


More than

800 million

media impressions.

  • Video content amplified through paid social media campaigns performed at $0.01 per view
  • Earned YouTube placements with Blippi delivering over 25 million views todate with excellent message pull through
  • New product launches with fourth highest-selling ice cream brand in the U.S., and with the 10th largest national fast-food restaurant chain, and a national premium condiment brand
  • Retail RD partnership resulted in 10.16% increase in household purchase of frozen raspberries at retailer
“Wild Hive is the dream team; they integrate perfectly with our team to deliver the best results. Their knowledge of how to connect with nutrition professionals and use them to change mindsets, combined with the way they collaborate with our farmers, has been a game changer. They really get us and our industry, and we are beyond pleased with their team’s insights and ability to deliver real results.”
Tom Krugman
Executive Director / The National Processed Raspberry Council


Processed Raspberries include Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) raspberries, raspberry purées, and raspberry juice concentrate. By virtue of their name, “Processed Raspberries,” the industry’s products were beginning to lose relevance and value as purchasers—both consumers and trade—were convinced that “fresh is best” or that other ingredients were effective substitutes. In addition, the health benefits of red raspberries weren’t appreciated or as well known as those of other berries (specifically blueberries, strawberries and cranberries) whose industries had been funding nutrition research and promoting the results for many years.

Wild Hive was challenged to chart a new course for the Processed Raspberry Industry through an integrated marketing program that would underscore the true value that “Processed Raspberries” deliver—harvested and frozen at peak ripeness, flavor, and nutrition to deliver a healthy and delicious food that is convenient and minimizes food waste.


By repositioning “Processed Raspberries” as “Real Red Raspberries,” Wild Hive created a moment of pause and reflection that begged the question, “what makes red raspberries real?” This new positioning became the foundation of a cohesive storytelling platform that focused on a positive message about the nutrition and health benefits of Real Red Raspberries and corrected negative misperceptions regarding “processed.”

Wild Hive created an integrated program to maximize resources and impact across all audiences (nutrition professionals, consumers, foodservice, food manufacturers, retail) using High Impact Nutrition Professionals as a “funnel” to purchasing decision makers. This approach allowed Wild Hive to efficiently and effectively use available resources to achieve the desired results. In addition, as part of Wild Hive’s campaign and to create the messaging for this new approach, the National Processed Raspberry Council funded over 20 health research studies. Using USDA-approved tactics, Wild Hive leveraged these studies to create impactful messaging and materials to communicate the potential human health benefits of Red Raspberries.

Specific components of this work included:

  • Positioning & messaging
  • Content strategy to positively position processed red raspberries and consistently deliver key messages across all audiences
  • Creative content development, including videos, photography, recipes, and educational materials (fact sheets, brochures, toolkits, etc.)
  • Provide strategic counsel to client and Research Committee regarding health research strategy to support positioning and effective marketing messages
  • Content amplification through Nutrition and Wellness Ambassadors, social media (including paid/sponsored content), and media relations
  • Proactive consumer & trade media relations
  • Experiential educational events including harvest tours, hands-on ingredient innovation workshops, and influencer dinners
  • Nutrition professional conferences and trade shows including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), the Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists (SCAN) Symposium, the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Nutrition Executives Study Group (NESG) Conference, the Culinary Institute of America’s (CIA) Healthy Kids Collaborative.
  • Retail RD partnership with top 10 grocery chain
  • Promotion of published health research studies to nutrition professionals, trade media, and consumer media
  • Management of all aspects of USDA approval process


As a newly-formed USDA Research and Promotion program, the National Processed Raspberry Council (NPRC) recognized the need to proactively prepare its staff and industry members to effectively handle the wide variety of issues that could potentially threaten the processed raspberry industry’s reputation.

Wild Hive was charged with developing and overseeing the industry’s approach to issues preparedness and management.


Starting with a blank slate, Wild Hive initiated a stakeholder survey to identify areas of vulnerability within the processed raspberry industry. Wild Hive worked closely with NPRC staff and Board members to develop an in-depth understanding of these vulnerabilities and gain critical insights.

With these insights in-hand, Wild Hive developed a comprehensive Issues Management and Crisis Response Plan, which became the playbook for the NPRC’s Crisis Response Team. This Plan covered the wide range of possible issue areas that could affect the processed raspberry industry and included key messages and protocols for response procedures. In addition, Wild Hive also instituted a 24/7 issues monitoring program to identify potential issues and alert key members of the Crisis Response Team as necessary.

The processed raspberry industry’s ability to identify and manage early-stage issues prevented these issues from developing into crisis scenarios. Specifically, Wild Hive worked to address concerns raised by activist organizations related to the NPRC’s health research program. The research program formed the industry’s health messaging foundation, therefore, protecting its integrity was integral to protecting the NPRC’s reputation. Critical to this effort’s success was the Wild Hive team’s strong issues management experience and close collaboration between Wild Hive and the NPRC in addressing the issue.


When it comes to issues management, many times the best results offer little to show. In this case, Wild Hive’s counsel and messaging support resulted in minimal social media coverage and no traditional earned media treatment of the potential issue. Through media training and continual monitoring of issues, the industry stood ready to respond appropriately to any reputational threats with credible messages and confident spokespeople.

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