Case Study American Lamb

Encourage audiences to consider a different perspective on animal agriculture—an optimistic perspective—one that views animals as positive contributors to human health and well-being, environmental health, and the livelihood of those who touch the industry in one way or another


Telling the American Lamb story is needed in order to advance the industry’s reputation and remain competitive in an increasingly cluttered and polarizing marketplace.

The full spectrum of target audiences for both segments of the American sheep industry have one thing in common: their decision making is heavily influenced by the stories they are exposed to. Whether it is a decision of which meat to choose in the grocery store, which dish to order at a restaurant, where to source meat, which brand of clothing to buy, which manufacturer to source raw material from—decisions are made through a multifaceted, complex, and nuanced information ecosystem that is ultimately a story patchwork.

And fortunately for the American sheep industry, the history, heritage, values, and quality underpinning the sheep industry and its products are those that consumers, influencers, and purchasing decision makers are seeking. There is alignment between what the American sheep industry ultimately is and represents and what its audiences want to embody in their lives.



Wild Hive created video and photo documentary assets depicting the American Lamb story as told through the voice of three different Americans; Idaho rancher, John Peavy, Sheep Farmer, John Lemonades, and Chef Paul C. Reilly.

Three different perspectives, telling three different stories about their love of American Lamb provides the audience with a new perspective on one of the world’s most cherished source of human nutrition and livelihood.